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ESPORTS - Complete Course featuring SEL embedded content

If your school does not have an esports program, you are missing out on a big opportunity to meet your students where they spend a big chuck of their time.

Every year, I sit in parent conferences and listen to concerned parents talk about how their child sits in their room and play video games for hours on end. You're never going to get kids to stop playing. Instead, meet them where they're at.

Did you know you can get a college scholarship to play esports? And I'm not talking about some small unknown college. I'm talking about a legit university like, the University of California, Irvine. Let that sink in.

One of the biggest concerns I have for this particular demographic is social intelligence. When I got the opportunity to create an esports class for my school, I saw an opportunity to help the students who need it the most with something they were getting no help with. So I partnered with some of the brightest SEL minds that I know and found a way to embed SEL strategies into the course curriculum.

Every week, the students receive a lesson on how to cope with their feelings in a strategic way. I wasn't trying to build pro gamers, I was trying to give them strategies to deal with the world and their emotions. I think every student deserves this kind of education.

You don't have to know how to play the game to teach the course. This course is 33% esport gaming. We chose Rocket League because it's free and non-violent. 33% about the industry that surrounds esports. This directly addresses CTE standards and 33% Social Emotional lessons.

It's a great class and every kid in my classes said it was their favorite class of the week.

If you're interested in starting an esports class at your school, I highly recommend checking out my complete esports course on Teacher Pay Teachers.


ESPORTS - Complete Course featuring SEL embedded content

Are you interested in starting an Esports class at your school? This is the only complete esports course on TpT. It has everything you need to get your program off the ground and it's teacher tested. I taught this class for the past two years and I started with very little knowledge about gaming.

It is based on CTE standards and builds Social Emotional intelligence within the course. Early on, I saw a big opportunity to reach students where they already spend a lot of their time.

Playing video games.

This course teaches students about the industry that surrounds esports.

This course includes:

1. 4 Units

2. 48 Esport Lessons

3. 8 Self-grading assessments

4. Teacher Edition Included

No experience necessary. Anyone can teach this course. The T.E. explains each lesson.

This course uses Rocket League, a free game from Epic. Rocket League is a fun game that is like playing soccer with cars.

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